Warning: Greenwash Ahead

Great new article out by Pratap Chatterjee at Corpwatch about the greenwash boom going on in American business.

The coal, oil and gas industries have finally woken up to the political discourse around global warming. Instead of actually looking for ways to actually reduce their enormous carbon footprint, they have responded with a greenwashing public relations blitz and “alternatives” to traditional fossil fuels.

What do they mean by “alternatives?”

Well there is palm oil.

“For example, the weekend before [the Bali] negotiations began, Neste Oil announced plans to build the world’s largest bio-diesel facility a few hundred miles northeast of Bali, in the Tuas industrial zone on the island of Singapore. “

Neste’s $800 million plant will use palm oil. Critics like Greenpeace and Rainforest Action Network say that palm oil plantations destroy valuable eco-systems and rainforests, and actually exacerbate global warming.

How much carbon is emitted from the current annual amount of rainforest destruction? 1.6 billion tons of carbon emissions.

That doesn’t sound like an alternative to carbon intensive industry. Continue reading

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